Applicant Tracking System

Boost your recruiting efforts by using software built
by recruiters, for recruiters.

Jobs2me ATS

The Benefits

Easy Application Process

When you post your ad you are going to receive hundreds of resumes. Our ATS allows you to view and approve or decline applications with ease.

Organized Lists

Easily manage all of your applications based on their status inside the ATS. You will easily be able to move between statuses to make sure you don't miss anyone.

Calendar Management

Once you find the candidate that best fits your hiring needs you will be able to schedule interviews with ease. You can easily book and set up face to face interviews or convenient web based interviews.

Live Resumes

Our ATS allows job seekers to create profiles and create live resumes. This will help the employer get to know each applicant to help make the best decision possible.

Transparent Recruiting

Our dashboard was created with ideas from some of the world's best recruiters and small business owners. Upon logging in, your are immersed in vital information. You will know exactly where you were, where you are, and where you're headed. Our software allows recruiters to interact with candidates and business owners to take control of their data in a whole new and engaging way.

Predictive Analytics

Key data points stand out and makes it easy for you to manage your recruiting operation. After seeing these results, it is an easy decision on how to strategize your campaigns to get the most out of your recruiting.

The Easiest Way to Post your Jobs

We work closely with every job board and have retained a great history with each one. This has allowed us to implement the easiest job posting process into our software. Create templates, schedule postings, and get notified when, where, and what to post, based on smart statistics.

Smart Job Posting

With real-time data at your disposal, recruiters can quickly change the course of the job posting life cycle. You just posted one ad that yielded twice the results, what makes this ad different? Stop throwing money at recruiting without seeing any results until after the fact.

A Safe Haven for Applications

Start the hiring process on the right foot. All of your applications are organized and in a "feed" format. Once an application comes in, all of the relevant information is parsed into place, creating a seamless transition to the hiring process. With a complete overview on the applicant, recruiters can easily place the potential employee in the right spot - poised for success.

Never Lose Track of an Applicant

According to Glassdoor, an average job offer gets 250 applications. Four to six applicants get contacted and only one candidate is selected. Our software provides the opportunity to build a relationship with all 250 applicants granting our clients their own network of potential quality employees at all times.


Other Applicant Tracking Systems can be disengaged from the onboarding process, leaving your recruiters uninterested; and your potential new hires walking away. Our software has the feel of a Customer Relationship Manager while retaining all of the important features and functions of an ATS. This ensures our clients are fully engaged in recruiting quality candidates and that the candidates are getting the perfect job.

Engagement & Experience

Almost half of candidates who experienced a negative experience wouldn't apply for another open position. Of that half, half of those people are spreading the word. Our software is aimed at providing the best possible experience for both parties. From personable, easy to understand emails to the candidates to real-time job ad and recruitment analytics; we are with your every step of the way.

Put a Face to a Candidate

Applicants are much more than what's on their resume. Our software allows candidates the option to create a live resume to allow the candidate to showcase themselves to the best of their abilities. If you can't judge a book by it's cover, why would you judge a candidate by one?

Automate the Interview

A traditional hiring process can take over a month to complete and costs money, time, and other precious resources. According to a study at Harvard, about 80% of employee turnover was related to the hiring operation. Let the candidates speak for themselves.


Jobs2Me was built and created by recruiters for recruiters. We took ideas from some of the top recruiters in their fields to put together a platform built to help you recruit better.